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Episode 8

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Today we talk fear and how it is reenforced in girls from a young age, and how the ripple effect of these moments impacts our personal and professional lives as we grow older. But all is not lost! We believe our reaction to fear can be changed. We also discuss how terrible the olympics coverage of female athletes has been and how inspirational all these women are! Enjoy T&C xx


Episode 7

Download on iTunes Today we discuss periods! Don’t freak out – if Clare can get through it, so can you. From pseudonyms and hilarious personal stories to exasperation and frustration over sanitary items and sexist reactions to the miracle that is the menstrual cycle, we wanna get that dialogue going. As usual we’ve got another feminist funny from Tatiana and Clare has some awesome local fem-inspo. Enjoy! T&C xx



Episode 6

Download on iTunes On today’s episode we discuss women’s appearances and our struggles with the pressure to look a certain way vs. being feminists and being aware of how society dictates what “looking good” means. It’s meaty and hilarious!! Plus of course, our feminist funny is a hoot and our fem-inspo’s focus on ladies killing it in male dominated sports both internationally and right here in Aotearoa. Enjoy! and tell your friends! T&C xx

Episode 5

Download on iTunes We’re baaaaack! In today’s episode we discuss gender roles at home and advocate for equal division of unpaid labour. Women overwhelmingly spend more time doing chores and emotional labour for nothing and that prevents them from doing more fun stuff!! Also, today’s feminist funny is quite good, and check out our fem-inspo. Rate us on iTunes and tell your friends!

The F Word

The F Word. The word that makes people pull back from a conversation with you. The one that creates an awkward silence in the room. The word that makes people wonder if you shave your armpits, wonder if you are a man hater and eternally single or wonder if you have no sense of humour. The word that you don’t want to be labelled as in the workplace. The word you are scared will pigeon hole you. The word you don’t want your guy friends to know about.


I was recently having a few wines with some of my oldest friends and we started talking about Tigress Talk – obviously my favourite topic! One beautiful, highly qualified young professional started her sentence with “Well, I wouldn’t call myself a feminist but…. I see the difference between the sexes everyday in the workplace”. Now normally I would feel the rage coming over me but with a few wines under my belt I just laughed off this ridiculous statement. Why wouldn’t you call yourself a feminist? You don’t believe in equal rights for men and women? You don’t want to have the same opportunities as your male counterparts? You don’t want your daughters and sisters to grow up in a world where they are treated as equals?

First stop on our journey to understanding why we should be reclaiming this word is Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Tedx Talk or her essay “We Should all be Feminists” (if you buy the essay it comes in the cutest little book ever!). Adichie so perfectly weaves her personal experiences of her Nigerian culture with the idiosyncrasies of a women in the modern world. She encourages us to let go of the heavy baggage that comes with the word and let it represent the progression and future of women.

She defines feminism as the social, economic, and political equality of the sexes. To me this is perfect – it’s simple and hard to disagree with. We have recently seen a resurgence in the acceptance in the term. Beyonce performed in front of it and included the definition in her song “Flawless”. Taylor Swift and many others celebrities (male included) have proudly identified as Feminists. So where does the stigma come from? Why is the word ‘feminist’ so dividing? Even for females? Even in 2016? From a male point of view, the feminist movement is threatening to the privilege they have experienced for hundreds of years. What will equality of the sexes really mean in practical terms? What will they have to give up/how will they have to change? Many are not willing to even contemplate it. For women, I think the word has been tarred with such negative and extreme connotations for so long (thanks patriarchy! not). You don’t want to be looked at like you are on the way to becoming a crazy cat lady, or about to rip your bra off and burn it. To be honest, being a cat lady is completely acceptable but not the bra burning, that shit’s expensive.

The feminist movement needs to reclaim this word. Let’s laugh off that feminists have been calling themselves “women’s rights advocates” to soften the impact.

Wear the F word with pride tigresses.

I am a feminist.

Episode 4

Download on iTunes On today’s episode we discuss crying at work, is it ok or not? Also, our feminist funny and feminspo!! Subscribe on iTunes!

  • Lean in to crying at work
  • What 15 leading women say about crying
  • Feminist fairy godmother

Episode 3

Download on iTunes On today’s episode we dive into gender roles in the workplace and how they negatively impact everyone, but ladies especially. Plus! our feminist funny and fem-inspo. Subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 2

Download on iTunes In today’s episode we interview Yogi Extraordinaire Hollie Beaumont, who tells us of the challenges she faced starting a yoga business, her interpretations of Shine Theory and some examples from her personal life.

Episode 1

Download on iTunes On our first episode we discuss Shine Theory, the challenges we face in supporting our fellow ladies and the amazingness that supporting other women brings! Also in this episode – today’s feminist funny and fem-inspo. Enjoy!

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